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Saturday, December 22, 2007

2.3.2 Personal and Public Communications

Social and ethical issues

Students must study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of personal and public communications. These may include:

Topic 144: the psychological consequences of people being in permanent contact by Romeo

Topic 145: ethical considerations of control as the result of using communications technologies by Harsh

Topic 146: social impact on health of the use of mobile devices by HeeJun

Topic 147: effect on personal productivity of personal communications devices by Kent

Topic 148: effect on the environment of personal communications devices by XiaoXiao

Topic 149: social effects of telecommuting by Simon

Topic 150: social effects of the widespread use of teleconferencing and videoconferencing by no one yet

Topic 151: social and environmental impact and ethical considerations of telecommuting by Su Chen

Topic 152: social impact and ethical considerations of: distance learning, digital entertainment, global media and public information systems. by no one yet

Knowledge of technology

In order to study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of personal and public communications, the student must have an understanding of related technological concepts. These may include:

Topic 153: key terms—convergence, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, telecommuting, digital television, push–pull technologies
by Ken
Topic 154: mobile phone and associated services and uses by Sam

Topic 155: digital entertainment versus live entertainment by Sung-Hwan

Topic 156: contents of digital entertainment, for example, violence, pornography and realism by Roger

Topic 157: features of telecommuting, for example, environmental aspects, flexibility, productivity, business and social relationships by Vaibhav

Topic 158: face-to-face communications versus communications via technology by Tanay

Topic 159: minimum requirements to enable realistic teleconferencing and videoconferencing by Harsh

Topic 160: undetected intrusions into IT systems, for example, phone tapping by XiaoXiao

Topic 161: personal mobile devices, for example, PDA, laptop by Vaibhav

Topic 162: emerging technologies as the result of convergence of computers and communications technology by Alex

Topic 163: public information systems, for example, traffic control, security camera systems, public transfer information systems. by no one yet


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