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Thursday, December 20, 2007

2.4.2 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Social and ethical issues

Students must study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and expert systems. These may include:

Topic 175: responsibility for the performance of an expert system—knowledge engineer, informant, programmer, company that sold it, the buyer/consumer by no one yet

Topic 176: value of the development of AI as a field, for example, whether it is an appropriate place to put economic resources by Isaku

Topic 177: ethical issues of various applications of AI, for example, replacement of human workers, handing decision-making tasks to a computer by Isaku or Marek

Topic 178: social impact of the use of “smart” machines on everyday life by Takafumi

Topic 179: ethical issues related to military applications of AI, for example, smart weapons, reconnaissance, decision making by HeeJun

Topic 180: implications of creative production by computers using AI, for example, Aaron, an expert system, creates visual art by no one yet

Topic 181: access to the knowledge base underlying an inference engine in an expert system, for example, whether people affected by decisions made using an expert system should have access to the rules by which the decision was made. by Vaibhav

Knowledge of technology

In order to study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of AI and expert systems, the student must have an understanding of related technological concepts. These may include:

Topic 182: key terms—AI, Turing test, parallel processing, machine learning, natural language, common-sense knowledge, agent, pattern recognition, expert system, knowledge base, inference engine, heuristics, fuzzy logic, knowledge engineer, domain by Tommy

Topic 183: storage requirements for common-sense knowledge by no one yet

Topic 184: processing requirements for AI by no one yet

Topic 185: collection/creation of a knowledge base by no one yet

Topic 186: creation of an inference engine (for example, if/then rules, fuzzy logic) by no one yet

Topic 187: identifying domains that are suitable for expert systems. by no one yet


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