ITGS Syllabus

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Topic 144

the psychological consequences of people being in permanent contact by Romeo Wu

Busness men are often suffers from the psychological consequences because they are being in permanent contact, either by their company or their clients. For example according from one article of from Japan Times, one sells man commited suicide because he was so much annoyed by his cell phone since his clients call him almost 24/7 which took away his free time with his family and eventaully took away his life.

When you are being in permanent contact you most likely will loose most of your free time and the people who is calling you does not care where you are or what you are doing they will want ur response immediately. There was this incident that this one computer engineer who were attending the wedding for his son but then he received a phone call from his company which want him back to the main company as soon as possible, which the main company located in France and the person is now in Japan, and after he flew 3000 miles to France he figured out the problem is so minor that he can fix it in matter of 30min, and the person ended up abandont his son’s wedding also wasted huge amount of his life time.

When I was young I once asked my dad why dosnt he have a cell phone and why wouldn’t he use it when his company offered him a free one. Now I finally understood how much psychological suffering you will get when you are being in permanent contact.


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