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Sunday, December 30, 2007

2.1.2 Networks

Social and ethical issues

Students must study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of networks. These may include:

Topic 17: Vulnerability of networks to intrusion by Isaku Oba

Topic 18: Ability to implement different levels of access by Raymen Ohmori

Topic 19: Implications of network failure, for example, banks, transportation, hospitals, schools by Haider

Topic 20: Implications of Collaboration, Groupware and Data sharing by Chaan Tutlam

Topic 21: Threat of compromising data integrity in shared databases by Simon Ruiz

Topic 22: Additional threats to privacy on a network compared with stand-alone computers by Tanay Khandelwal

Topic 23: The need to authenticate information by Vaibhav Bhandari

Topic 24: Intellectual property protection on networks, for example, site licences, file access by Su Chen

Topic 25: Equality of access for different groups and individuals by Dhruv

Topic 26: Ability to monitor users (surveillance); concerns of people regarding monitoring by Taro Kondo

Topic 27: Ability to filter incoming data by Alex Young

Topic 28: Ability to control personal, business, military, government operations over a wide geographical area by Ronald Chu

Topic 29: Increased globalization, for example, EFT, EDI, e-commerce by Aditya Kumar

Topic 30: Need for interface standards by Dwarkesh Iyengar

Topic 31: Need for network use policy by Marek Strzepek

Knowledge of technology

In order to study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of networks the student must have an understanding of related technological concepts. These may include:

Topic 32: Key Terms by Chirag Garg
LAN, WAN, client, server, Ethernet, access, access permissions, login, password, firewall, sysadmin, UPS, EDI

Topic 33: Security Measures by Wilanth James

Topic 34: Network types, for example, Intranet, Internet, VPN by Oliver Chan

Topic 35: Encryption and SSL by Nitish Gautam

Topic 36: E-commerce by Harsh Sharma


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