ITGS Syllabus

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Topic 155

Digital entertainment versus live entertainment by Sung-Hwan, Chun

One of the important energizer in our lives is entertainment. By enjoying the entertainment, we can reduce the stress, and also spend the dull time enjoyably. Entertainment has grown with technology so it would improve to be more enjoyable. Nowadays, there is a TV, and computers to enjoy more conveniently. These are called digital entertainment.

Digital entertainments are electronics that lets people enjoy by showing us pictures, videos and etc. Where else, live entertainment is enjoyment created without the use of electronics. An acrobatic show, musical, and etc. are an example of live entertainment.

An advantage of having digital entertainment is that it is very convenient. TV lets people see an Amazon River right in their house instead of them going to Amazon. Also, digital entertainment allows people to entertain whenever they want to. If a person wants to listen to an opera, they could download it inside their music player and listen to it whenever they want to. How ever, in the case of live entertainment, people have to either buy a ticket or reserve the ticket and go to the opera house in set time to watch an opera. This is sometimes inconvenient, and people might not even get to watch it due to time or amount of tickets.

Another advantage of having a digital entertainment is that it gives people a lot of choice. If a person wanted to listen to a Jazz, then he is given a thousands of choice if he goes to Tsutaya. But, to listen to live Jazz, he would have a lesser choice to choose than the digital.

However, the live entertainment has its own advantage also. Unlike digital entertainment, live entertainment lets people entertain by sending it to their five senses directly. Therefore it would give 100% of what is given unlike digital entertainment which is given through electronics. Though, technology is growing fast and electronics is giving close to what is real, still I think it would never be same thing as live entertainment.

Another advantage of live entertainment is that it is most times not harmful to human body. We would be very unlikely to become nearsighted for watching waterfalls for a longtime. But in the case of digital entertainment, it is quite harmful to our body if we use it too long. This is why people with glasses are gradually increasing these days.

Each live entertainment and digital entertainment has its own advantages and disadvantages. The fact about which entertainment is better than other entertainment doesn’t really matter. The perhaps the best way to use these entertainments is to use both of them efficiently. If we don’t have time, we could use digital entertainment to watch a circus, and if we want to enjoy the real thing, then we could use the live entertainment. Therefore, we could use entertainments efficiently to relax and amuse people.


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