ITGS Syllabus

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

3.2 Education

Part B - Students at SL are required to study a minimum of two of the following areas of impact. Students at HL are required to study all five of the areas of impact.

Topic 194: Telelearning: isolated and remote areas; use in hospitals, prisons, retirement homes by Kent

Topic 195: Modification of hardware and software for special needs: voice recognition software, text-to-speech, special input and output devices, Internet resources by no one yet

Topic 196: Software in the classroom: science experiments, social studies modelling and simulation, instructional tools and media, computer-aided instruction, computer-aided learning by Akira

Topic 197: School library systems: catalogues, security systems, online research by Joseph

Topic 198: Hardware in the classroom: laptops, notebooks, teleconferencing by no one yet

Topic 199: Software in school administration: record keeping, scheduling, Intranets, public information by Sung-Hwan

Topic 200: Training, tutorials, simulators by no one yet


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