ITGS Syllabus

Friday, October 20, 2006

Topic 163

public information systems, for example, traffic control, security camera systems, public transfer information systems. by Roger

There a lot of pubic information systems that range from being sophisticated to a simple one and have a lot of uses that are generally aimed at the public. There are also others that are aimed at the public that are interested at certain aspects of the world such as the Interpol, a worldwide police force organization that works to help capture criminals who flee a country to get refuge elsewhere. But usual it refers mostly to a state’s government organization such as NAPHSIS (National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems) on the internet where people can access it and see what plans or measures etc. are posted and follow up on it.

Basically the various public information systems are to the benefit of the general public so such things as traffic control are a crucial part of our modern day daily life as we know that the traffic control helps keep the traffic lights functioning perfectly so to move our vehicles moving in a harmonic and smooth-flowing way as much as possible without causing an accident. To have a central traffic control helps the public as they can commute safely because without it, the roads will be in chaos as each driver tries to go his own desired route causing trouble for the countless others looking to commute to their desired destinations too.

Other important things that have been introduced into our society recently with the development of technology are security cameras which ever since their introduction till present day, have had a major effect on our daily lives as we have come to depend on them as a tool of protection, or keeping watch or ourselves or properties etc. and in doing so making sure we are best protected. The security camera systems in public places such as street cameras and highway cameras are helpful in that a street camera can help identify people if they are recognized as threats and keep an eye on them.

Despite the arguments that it is an invasion of privacy but on the bright side, it can help protect or benefit a lot more people. The highway cameras are a definite success and vital part of the road management of the speeds of motorists. Since its introduction it has played a crucial part in saving a lot of lives and helped to reduce traffic fatalities and accidents or various sorts and there has been a worldwide recognition of the frequent use of highway cameras.

Public transfer information systems are general notices or just information posted or published for the business, universities, banks, and other organizations. Public transfer information systems are provided to the public interested in the information published as they will use this free information to do something that is connected to publisher or authority directly linked to the information. It helps to make know to the public information that concerns the people doing business or teaching so that it can be accessed by the public or people in specific areas of work so they can use and apply the information to their use.

For ex: a company may post a public notification of the next meeting for potential shareholders or its current shareholders of the profit gain. But sometimes the systems are abused since its public and not a lot of watch is kept over them to filter out whatever that is rubbish or not. But it is fairly common practice for a company or organization to have a person such as a web publisher or computer expert keep track of the useful information and filter it out. But otherwise the these public transfer information systems are overall useful to an extent since it can help spread messages, requests, and other information quickly since the public or a large body of people would most likely access it and see it.

Technology has really helped society as a whole quite a lot such as security cameras and not only for security purposes but there are also other small technologies such as automatic street lighting where as soon as it is dark then the lights are turned on automatically by its sensor. But overall it has beneficial aspects but there are always people who discredit it for some reason which is underestimating the real benefit of using these technologies.

In the modern world, with technology expanding in daily life and all aspects of it, it will be a disadvantage not to use such things. In this growing world the cooperating with each other using technology as one of our key tools of communication and usage. The technologies help both locally and globally as for ex: if local authorities fail to capture a certain criminal then their will be public information about the reward or the watch out and the public will be notified and also globally, request for the capture of the criminal if the criminal is in the foreign country. So both will be affected but through their cooperation they will most likely apprehend the criminal as both will be on because security cameras in airports and all transportation terminal or points will have or be prepared for the surveillance.


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