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Monday, October 16, 2006

Topic 159

Minimum requirements to enable realistic teleconferencing and videoconferencing by Harsh Sharma

In today’s world, there are three problems that everyone’s faced with: Lack of time, lack of money and lack of sleep. I know that I have those three problems for sure and many of my classmates are troubled with these problems too. I don't know about adults but one thing I do know is that everyone wants to save time and money so they can get more sleep. I personally think sleep is the most important thing however that is not what the topic is about. The topic is about teleconferencing and videoconferencing. The reason why I was talking about time and sleep is because one MAIN reason why people do teleconferencing in the first place is in order to save time and money.

First of all, what is teleconferencing and videoconferencing? Teleconferencing is simply a conference where participants in different locations are linked together through a communication device. A communication device could be anything from a cell phone to a computer connected to the Internet. Video conferencing is simply teleconferencing but with video. Most business executives prefer video conferencing because the interaction is more lively and real then.

Minimum requirements for teleconferencing and videoconferencing are mainly having a computer that is connected to the internet. That’s pretty much it – as long as you have a computer connected to the internet, you can have a video conference. People might argue that teleconference might be done with a mobile, however, in this case we are also referring to videoconference and for that you do need a computer. Unless you live in Japan and have one of those phones where the users can see each other while talking! OK perhaps having a mobile is sufficient enough to have a conference but most business executives use computers because that is the right and the formal way to do it.

Of course you can have more than just a computer. In order to have a no-disturbance videoconference certain things are needed. First of all, a FAST Internet connection is a must. Because if your internet is slow then the images will be received slowly and the interaction between the participants will be poor. Then you need a good microphone because the other executives should be able to hear your voice clearly and have a decent conversation. Thirdly, you must have a good quality web cam so clear images are presented to the other party.

These three things should make your video conferencing experience smooth. However, if you have the new Mac and the other party has one too then you can use Apple’s iChat to have an almost-real-life videoconference. The program works so smoothly that it seems like the person is actually sitting on the other end of the table. Four people can be in a VIDEO conference together! And can discuss issues like they are in one room! But then, Mac is just on a whole another level and might be a bit expensive for some people. So the three things listed above should be available in order to have a decent videoconference.

In conclusion, you need and must have three things in order to have a video conference: a fast internet connection, a good microphone and a good quality web cam. In order to have a teleconference, perhaps the need of a web cam is not required. And the reason why people are choosing to do this in today’s world is because it saves them hours on the plane and also the money that would have been spent on the air tickets! It all comes down to money.


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