ITGS Syllabus

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2.3.1 The Internet

Social and ethical issues

Students must study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of the Internet. These may include:

Topic 119: reliability and authenticity of information by Matthew

Topic 120: social consequences of addiction to the Internet by Andrew

Topic 121: social impact of global viruses by Simon

Topic 122: social impact of dependence on the Internet by Roger

Topic 123: etiquette rules for appropriate behaviour when using the Internet by Akira

Topic 124: social impact of the domination of English as the main web language by Taro Kondo

Topic 125: social impact of theft of identity through the Internet by Alex

Topic 126: social impact of open access to unsuitable material on the Internet by no one yet

Topic 127: ethical issues related to misuse of the Internet, for example, spamming by HeeJun

Topic 128: ethical considerations of IT-rich versus IT-poor nations as a result of differing access by Kent

Topic 129: ethical considerations relating to the use of encryption by Sung-Hwan Chun

Topic 130: ethical considerations relating to workplace monitoring. by Oliver

Knowledge of technology

In order to study and evaluate the social and ethical issues involved in the use of the Internet, the student must have an understanding of related technological concepts. These may include:

Topic 131 & 132: Key terms by Ronald & Wilanth
Internet protocols, for example, HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, cookies, listserv, web cam, Internet languages, netiquette, Intranet, URL, hyperlink, bandwidth, WWW, browser, search engine, e-mail

Topic 133: means for blocking access to information by Su

Topic 134: features of a web browser by no one yet

Topic 135: comparison of Internet and Intranet by Alex

Topic 136: encryption methods by no one yet

Topic 137: the limiting effect of bandwidth by no one yet

Topic 138: e-mail by Joseph

Topic 139: viruses by Dwarkesh

Topic 140: features of a web page by Taro Kondo

Topic 141: global databases by no one yet

Topic 142: online services, e-commerce, banking, health, libraries by Kent

Topic 143: use of appropriate search engines. by no one yet


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