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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Topic 147

Effect on personal productivity of personal communications devices by Kent

Numerous new personal communications devices have developed along with the internet. These personal communication devices includes wireless communication through telecommunication network such has mobile phones. The personal communications devices have affected personal productivity a lot.

First of all, the benefit those personal communications devices grant to a single worker is that they are able to easily ask for help to their boss or other skilled individuals. Since wireless communication through telecommunication network is disregard of location of people, it adds certain efficiency to their work. Also, it enhances team works and makes their work smoother. Unlike in the past where the only chance of people to have an assembly to have a talk about certain project was to physically meet each other in a room, now it is possible and easier to gather up on chatting or to conduct a teleconference, conference done through phones. It is also easier for members to talk about new ideas or changes when needed to each other and let others know what they need to know with advanced personal communications devices. The efficiency in communication increases the productivity of a team project and therefore personal productivities of the members.

We could also look at more specific cases in order to see the other effects of personal communication devices on personal productivity. For example, for some people who have to talk to the people of other companies, the personal communication devices can enhance their productivity. They can use those personal communication devices to make an appointment any time or ask if the person he or she needs is currently available just before they would go see that person. It would also work for people like salesman who knows who they are selling their product to (such as other companies, not just any houses or people). This would save their time to go see the person they want and find that the person is not there or available at the time.

Though the personal communication devices have generally increased personal productivity as explained above, the development in those personal communication devices have also aspects that affects personal productivity in a bad way. By the new personal communication devices of this modern time such as mobile phones, it is almost always possible to contact anyone one would want to talk to anytime they want regardless of where the contactor and the contacted are. However, in contrast, this means that you could be contacted by some one else any time they want to. Too much phones ringing or too many mails that are not necessary could disturb people’s concentration especially if those come in the middle of their work or when they are having a rest.

You would not want to be concentrating on your task and suddenly phone rings and you have to talk about other business with other company’s man. Also, since anyone could send you a mail, you could be having too many junk mails and your inbox may be full of junks and you may lose your important data if you are not managing your data wisely. Thus, behind the convenience of the developed personal communication devices have the potential to decrease the personal productivity by too much communication that are unnecessary or not in the right time.

In conclusion, the personal communication devices have a positive effect on personal productivity by granting them more efficiency in communicating to other people. Though the fact that anyone could contact you anytime anywhere may disturb some people, the personal communication devices should have a positive effect on personal productivity overall.


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