ITGS Syllabus

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Topic 179

Ethical issues related to military applications of AI, for example, smart weapons, reconnaissance, decision making by HeeJun Son

Artificial Interlligence(AI) means intelligent machines manufactured by human beings. It also refers to a trait of intelligence that is existed by an artificial entity. Research in AI is concerned with producing machines to mechanize tasks requiring intelligent behavior. Examples include control , the ability to answer diagnostic and consumer questions, voice and facial recognition. The study of AI has also become an engineering discipline, focused on providing solutions to real life problems. But it is also applied to military weapons, causing a lot of problems. Smart weapons are an example of this.

Smart weapons are guided weapons intended to maximize damage to the target by using a laser, television, or satellite guidance system. The improvements in accuracy by using AI enable a target to be effectively attacked with fewer and smaller bombs. Smart weapons, which use guidance systems that rely on external assistance, are different from brilliant weapons, which are totally self-guided.

In the case of a smart bomb with a laser guidance system, an aircraft pilot aims a laser beam at the target, a computer keeps the beam locked on the target, and the bomb has a sensor programmed to find the reflection of the laser's light. A guidance computer adjusts the path of the bomb after it is released, using movable fins to steer. Satellite-guided bombs have guidance computers that use signals from navigation satellites to confirm that they are on target; the tail fins are adjusted to control the bomb's course as it falls. Cruise missiles are an example of this.

The problem with these weapons is the technology of AI, which is made to improve real life problems, is actually used in the mass destructive weapons. The fact AI is being used in the wars make many people sad including me. But on the other hand, we are making those weapons to protect themselves. Therefore, it is hard to say we shouldn't develop those weapons by using AI.


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