ITGS Syllabus

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Topic 139

Viruses by Isaku

Viruses have become more of a threat to internet users as a result of the advance in network technology. Viruses were considered minor issues at first, when the internet was first introduced. This was due to the lack of opportunities for computers to pick up the viruses off the internet. After all the internet’s functions were extremely limited at first, and so was the functions of the viruses. However, the wide range of usage by us and the increase in variety of software on the net has drastically increased our PCs’ vulnerability to viruses. Some might be surprised by the familiar software and internet services that cause our PCs to become easy targets for viruses.

The first method in which viruses get into our PCs is email. Due to its convenient and fee less system, email has become a communication method used by most of the people who have internet connections. This well known system however, is an easy opportunity for viruses to enter our computers. Trojans, the primary method for viruses transport is a program which can open a persons email account from the inside. Like its name suggests, Trojans are sent into the persons account disguised as a normal message. When the person opens the message, the Trojan is programmed to defunct the security system somehow and make it vulnerable to intrusion.

Another commonly known virus is spyware. Spyware is a information sharing program usually preinstalled in our PCs. It is possible to misuse this program, one common method being to track the history of the types in a keyboard, and obtaining a PC user’s password and other important personal information. The last, but the most dangerous is viruses that we unintentionally obtain through the internet. This is the most dangerous of the programs because some of these are powerful enough to crash our PCs.

It is also the most precise method in getting viruses into the PCs due to our habits when surfing the internet. These habits are our tendency to seek for free content. The internet gave us infinite opportunities to gain stuff for free that we would normally have to pay for in our daily life. Such things include music, movies etc. which we download through methods such as P2P shareware. What we don’t know is that these files sometimes include viruses. Once we download these virus infested files, our computer becomes infected, and eventually destroyed internally.

How must we counter these harmful viruses? The easiest way would be to use anti virus programs which check files and block virus infested programs and sites. We must be careful with the choice of these programs however, as the free anti virus programs are often reported to be viruses themselves. Careful attitude will help enhance our experience on the internet.


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