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Friday, September 05, 2008

Evolution of Computers

Computers have a circuit in which you can have two inputs.
Computers have to make decisions, namely yes or no; 0 is false and 1 is true.

For example:

1 ---
and ---- 0
0 ---

1 ---
or ---- 1
0 ---

Computers have transistors (originally bulbs), which direct the flow of information in a computer. Then, micro-transistors were created that had many thousand or millions of transistors fit on one chip allowing for multiple decisions by that chip. One single chip emerged, the microprocessor or the CPU, which became the most important chip in a computer.

Now, major chip producing companies, such as Intel, are fitting multiple microprocessors in one CPU. For example, the “Core 2 Duo” has two and the “Quad-core” has four. for putting several processors together.

The RAM (random access memory) remembers certain information for making decisions later.


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