ITGS Syllabus

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Topic 197

School library systems: catalogues, security systems, online research by Joseph Toyoshima

For most modern schools, a school library is required for research and reading. For some of us, the library is an ordinary usage for achieving information. But many of us our missing out the great services our school libraries provides us.

First of all, as long as you don’t lose your books and return them on time, it is absolutely free. Also, many libraries get subscriptions to magazines and some databases. Instead of having to go through Amazon to buy every book needed for research, just go to the library. Finding books recently have become much easier too. Go to a nearby computer and use the catalogue on it. Simply type the genre, author, title, or even key words and all books related to what you typed pops up, with the location and a short summary.

Next is the security system of libraries. Why have it? Without it people would be just walking in and out with free books, on purpose or by mistake. Libraries have a security system at each exit. All books have a sensor, and if a person were to walk through it without checking it out a loud beeping sound would echo. But this causes some people to joke around and put books in someone’s bag without that person knowing it, and when leaving the library the sensor would start to beep.

Lastly is online research; for those who thought libraries are only about books, you’re wrong. The library is a great place to do online research, there are many computers and the quiet atmosphere is a good place to study. Also as mentioned above, some libraries subscribe to databases and by using those computers you can have free accesses to great information.
The library is greatly underestimated as a place to study. Not only is it quiet and easy to focus, but there are many services as written above. The best part is everything is absolutely free. Next time you have a report to write, use the library.


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