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Friday, April 06, 2007

Topic 212

Toys and games: CD or online games, online gambling by Joseph Toyoshima

Nowadays technology is growing faster and faster with great effects and abilities. Technology brings us many wonders, especially with convenience and machines. But it also comes with laziness and addiction. For this topic, I would stick with the machine and graphics; of have technology brings us addiction.

There are many sorts of electronic games; they can be on the computer (online or CD), consoles, handheld, and many more. Handhelds and consoles are games that cannot really be played with others unless you are close by the people. Nonetheless, these games recently have extremely good graphics and adventures that can last a lifetime. Obsession is growing so great that when the Playstation 3 first came out in Japan, people in America were buying them on Ebay for up to $5000, when they could have just waited a few days or a month for it to come out in America. Also on the first day that the ps3 came out, some people slept overnight in the line so they can get to buy the console first. If you want to see a video of it go to

Next I would write about online gaming with the Internet. Many people gamble lots of money in pachinkos and at casinos. The addiction and excitement can be brought to you in your very own room! Join other gamble maniacs, and have no worries about people cheating using card switching with online gambling! There are actually many problems with online gambling. First of all, for those who are obsessed with gambling, having access to it anytime and anywhere can cause great money loss and unhappiness. Second of all, it is not secure at all. How do people pay up their debts? If you are required to give out your credit card number and bank information to begin an account, for one, the site can steal everything from you straight away, and also you can always give a fraud or an account with very little cash. Also if you’re about to lose, you can just turn off your computer or something and leave the table.

Lastly are the famous online games. These games allow you to play with people you know and also with those all around the world, testing your skill with a widen range of people. These games cause the greatest addictions among the younger population. Deaths have occurred from games like World of Warcraft, in which people play too much and do not drink, eat, or sleep. Though that sort of addiction is on the extreme side, some skip work or school to play the game. There are even quotes like, “WoW > Life,” in which the person actually values the game more than his or her life.

Macintoshes are actually an exception in many scenarios of online gaming. First of all, many games do not have a Mac-based form. Also Mac would most likely detect a game that is being overplayed, treat it as a virus, and immediately delete it. By using a Mac, you can experience the true beauty of computer programming and software.*

*This last paragraph was sponsored by Apple, Inc.

Toys and games: CD or online games, online gambling by Tommy

Computer games and online gambling have become an extremely important part of modern society, and they are arguably one of the main ways that human beings choose to spend their free time. Computer games allow people to immerse themselves into fantasy worlds where they can do anything they want, while online gambling lets people have all the benefits of a casino from the safety and comfort of their own home.

An issue associated with playing computer games is their addictive potential. Gamers with little self control often find themselves unable to tear themselves away from their computer screens. This is especially the case with online games, where there often is no clearly defined “end” to the game. Players promise themselves that they will quit after “just one more level” or “just after I finish this quest,” but new content arises shortly after the old has been finished and it becomes difficult for many to simply stop playing.

The same addictive quality is also true for online gambling. People are bound to lose money through gambling, and naturally, they have an urge to win it back. This causes many people to spend hours sitting in front of their computer engaged in online Poker, trying in vain to win back what they have lost.

A possible solution to this issue is already in place. To curb the problem of gaming addictions, the Chinese government has imposed a restriction on its citizens. After five hours of gaming, the player is automatically kicked off the game. Gaming addicts are also sent to corrective institutions which are very similar to prisons.

There, they are not allowed to go near computers, and are barred from meeting with friends or family. This is viewed as a sort of punishment for their addiction. Perhaps the main problem with this solution is that it denies individuals of their rights, and if it was practiced in a democratic society such as the United States, there would most certainly be protests and demonstrations against such an act.

The addictiveness of computer gaming and online gambling also has many ethical problems. Being addicted to games may cause people to neglect many daily responsibilities. In South Korea, a couple left their four month old child to play games at an internet café. When they finally managed to pull themselves off the computers and return to their child, however, the child had already died due to its parents’ negligence.

With online gambling, there is much more to be lost. Fathers or mothers who should be spending their money on their children’s’ school fees or food may lose it all to online gambling. Because it is so much easier to sit at a computer and gamble than to go out and find a place in which to gamble, people are more inclined to spend time gambling online at home.

It is clear that gaming and gambling addictions present a threat to society as it is, and must be stopped. The main problem lies with being able to draw the line between healthy restriction and infringement of human rights.


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