ITGS Syllabus

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Topic 167

Social impact and ethical considerations regarding the use of robotics in medicine, for example, robotic surgery, computer-controlled prostheses by Takafumi

There would be a large social impact in the society if the robotics would take care of human. One is that we would not need a lot of doctors who do the surgery, increase in employing the mechanic experts to maintenance the machines and the human mentality would change a lot also the possibility that the doctor would make a mistake would decrease. But in other hand there would be problems with the unemployment of doctors and over population.

If the robotics takes care of human there would be many success and possibilities that we can save many people. Especially the nano-robot that can go into human blood veins can do many things to cure some virus and other diseases. Robotics will help the people who are experts for mechanics to earn more jobs, and the factory which produces the product. They can raise more money than they use to. This means that it is economically good for the society. Which totally means that the cycle for the economy is better.

In other hand, there are few demerits. Some doctors would lose their jobs and the over population. Robotics can take care most of activities that the need for doctors would decrease and many of them would lose their job. Then the unemployment would increase and they also have to find a job. Another problem was the over population. Even now, we are over populated and if we increase the possibility that we can live, that means that the population would grow more than before. Soon we would go out of space (land) and have to deal with some other things.

Totally using robotics for surgery and human care would be really good but also make many problems too. These problems would be lack of population and job loss for the doctors. The good side is that success rate would increase and new job for the mechanic experts, which would cycle the economy would flow better.


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