ITGS Syllabus

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Topic 118

using wizards, assistants and online assistants in the design and creation of a product, for example, desktop-published documents, slideshows, web sites by Aditya

Online assistants and wizards offer a user an extremely convenient method of creating a slideshow or a website or what not. This can be done very conveniently.
The technology emerged when Microsoft and Apple felt the need to help and enlarge their customer base by helping them with procedures crucial to creating files that could be made with their applications.

The issues that are related are those of:
The business of the company that manufactures the software
The ease of use for the customer
The faith that the customer has in the brand(for example Microsoft or Apple who create software for presentations and spreadsheets)

The stakeholders are the customers who, with the assistance of wizards, can create files that can be made using some application or another. These people can significantly save their time and act in an efficient manner. This will give them a satisfaction and keep them coming for products released by major software power houses.

The situation doesn’t really have a problem unless it’s difficult to use or if it is non-existent. Both of these are rare occurrences.

It really affects only business of companies that release software. An example of what is talked about in the essay is the “Mac fever”. Converts to Macintosh prefer it to Windows and to these people Mac is considered an addiction.

Also, the impact is global because software is available to most people who can afford it(to almost everyone) anywhere with relative ease. So the impact is fairly good.


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