ITGS Syllabus

Friday, August 04, 2006

Topic 117

Key terms tutorial software, training software, wizards and assistants, help menu and help features, “Read Me” files by Vaibhav

Tutorial Software – Tutorial software’s are types of programs which assist or guide a user to learn something. Tutorial software’s in this case mainly play the role of a tutor or a teacher. Tutorial software’s are generally designed to be user-friendly such that the user can be guided easily.

One common example of a tutorial software is a Kanji learning program called the “LexiKAN 2.0”. This main objective of this program is to provide the user lessons from which the user will be able to learn Kanji’s.

Training Software – Training software’s are types of programs which help a user get training. This type of software is usually designed to let a trainee experience the actual circumstances as it would during a real situation. Training software’s generally are used because they are efficient. It is cheaper to give training to trainee than actually building a real situation. The advantage this has is that companies can hire several trainees and train them with this software for minimal costs and risks.

For example when the government wants to hire train drivers, they usually train them with the help of these training software’s. Hence by this they can easily train the drivers without taking into account the costs of actual training which would be driving the actual train and risks such as train accidents. Consequently again in this scenario training software’s minimize the costs and risks.

Wizards and Assistance – These types of tools are provided in software’s to assist the user while using the program. This feature is generally found tutorial software’s and word processors.

Help menu and help features – Almost similar to the wizards and assistance this feature is designed to provide the user with help and is generally provided in most software’s such as the tutorial software, training software and most word processors. This feature generally provides the user with a search in which the user can type to what he wants a solution to.

“Read me” files – A “read me” file contains data relating to other files which are in a directory or an archive. It is very commonly distributed with most computer software these days. These files are called text files and are usually under these types of names TXT, README.1ST, READ.ME, or simply README.


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