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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Topic 105

Responsibility of the designer for accuracy of assumptions underlying the model by Sujit

Some of the issues concerning the responsibility of the designer’s accuracy is that if he doesn’t build a model that is exact, when you try to make something it is going to be like a misfit. For example if you build a model of a bridge you are going to make if you don’t have the exact scale close to a millimeter then one section of thebridge will not fit with another and they cant continue to build the bridge with what they have.

The people who gain from this are the people who build whatever it is they are building and the model builder. What they basically get is money and fame. Fame is not for everyone but people who build bridges and other tall skyscrapers will be well known.

Some of the advantages of model building accuracy is that you will understand exactly what needs to be done when building the real thing. If you don’t have this model accuracy then you can’t build whatever it is you want to build because if you try to make it will just collapse because sections don’t fit together or by chance something went wrong in the beginning and things went in smoothly after that. There is no disadvantage of designer’s accuracy but for the builders it takes time and money. If the builders fail to build the structure they will be losing money instead of gaining.

One of the solutions to more accuracy is probably to make the blueprint of the structure more accurate. If they do this they can build a model with more accuracy than when you have a blueprint that is not accurate. And also you should probably use magnifying glass or something like it to make it more accurate. With a magnifying glass you can see more accurately what can be done right and what is most likely to go wrong.

Building bridges, towers, etc. will have an impact on the city itself. First of all something new is going to be added to the city, so it will change how the city looks. It also has an impact on the people who are living their. People are expecting to use these things so that we can do things and get to places more efficiently. If they hear that you cant build something it affects them badly because they were waiting for the builders to finish building the structure, so that they can use it.

The people who are held responsible for this problem is the designers themselves. Because they were not accurate in what they were doing the structure could not be completed. If they had been more careful in doing things properly the builders would have finished building the structure and it will be ready to use for the people.

The people who are held accountable for this situation is the builders. They are the one who are going to build this structure. So they have to check first if everything is in the proper order. If they don’t something will go wrong and they cant build the structure. And also the builders are responsible for if they don’t use the right materials. It is dangerous because the material might be too weak to build with.

The alternative decision is to not rush everything. The builders should take their time and analyze the model. This way they can pick out all the mistakes that can be fixed from the model and fix it. Though this way will take a lot of time the project will be error free.


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