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Monday, July 03, 2006

Topic 103

security issues involved in military simulations by Su Chen

Military Simulations also known informally as Wargames that are simulations in which theories of warfare can be tested and refined without the need for actual hostilities. Many professional analysts object to the term wargames as this is generally taken to be referring to the civilian hobby, thus the preference for the term simulation.

Simulations contain varies forms, with varying degrees of realism. Especially in recent times, the range of simulation has further expand to include not only military but also political and social factors, which are close related to each other. While many governments make use of simulation, individually and collaboratively, little by little it becomes a tool which governments test and refine their military and political policies. Military simulations are seen as a useful way to develop tactical, strategically and doctrinal solutions.

Despite from the meaning of Military Simulation, it can be used to cover a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from full scale field exercises to abstract computerized models (satellite) that can proceed with little or no human involvement. The essential purpose of Military Simulation is to protect the country from the terrorists’ attacking. But how it is going to protect people from the dangerous?

As I mentioned above, military simulations do not need the real hostilities. When the terrorist really happened then it is too late for any actions. Therefore the main purpose of the military simulations is to prevent the terrorists’ attacking happen, supervise anything that may threaten the social security. To do so, Military Simulation needs to collect most reliable data to provide enough information for making the decision.

Before, it is very hard for them to collect the information completely, since technology at that time are not that advance. The collection of information becomes the biggest problem for the Military Simulation. Without enough information, Military analyzers can not make the right decision thus will delay the chance to defeat some possible terrorists’ attacking.

Overall, the society will be threatened. Luckily, to solve this huge problem, scientists develop the satellite which can be the third eyes of the Military Simulation. Unlike the civil satellite, military satellites are much powerful. They not only can transfer the data in a super fast speed, but what matters more is that they can reconnoiter some areas, lock the target for alliance’ weapons, and can track the moving target as well. The invention of satellites helps to reduce the difficulty for the anti-terrorism.

Full-scale military exercises, or even smaller scale ones, are not always feasible or even desirable. In other words, sometimes, military analyzers will also make the mistake. The cost is possibly the highest among all other military activates. Since, if Military Simulation predicts that will be a attacking or bombing. Then they will have to mobilize all the local police and sometimes even soldiers to defeat the terrorist.

And it also requires to scatter the innocent civilians, and possibly to transfer them with some expensive or valuable material to other suitable places, and then need to cover additional expenses such as Petroleum Oil Lubricants usage, equipment maintenance, daily supplies and consumables replenishment and other items. Furthermore, it may create the social panic. Therefore, military simulation can provide the social security, but in the same time, it may possibly destroy it.

The social issue of the military simulation is that in some extend, it really help to achieve the social security issues. Since recently, the problem of terrorism tends become more and more serious. Lots of innocent people lose their lives, especially for the event on 911. It is not directed against America but the whole world. Countries have to take it seriously. And it is necessary to have the military simulation since no one wants this tragedy happen again. I believe that through the military simulation, social security will get ensured.


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