ITGS Syllabus

Monday, June 19, 2006

Topic 100

Updating and combining sounds or images at a later point in time to create a new work of art by Chaan Tutlam

Although there isn’t much to be said about this topic, the main lesson to be learnt is that you should always save your work because you’ll never know when you might need it again. For example, let’s say I have a picture of the Ice Cream Bash and I feel like it’s irrelevant and would never need it again, hence I delete it. Also, let’s say I have a song on my computer and I think that it’s taking too much space so I end up deleting that too.

Now Mr. Martens asks me to send a picture of Ice Cream Bash to him so that he can use it in his 2nd semester slideshow and I realize that I deleted the picture! Not just that, I could have included that song by Vanilla Ice in the slideshow to give it an all “Ice-cream” effect! However, I deleted both of those! That could have been the “new work of art” that I’d have been able to create from one song and a picture!

So basically the lesson here is never delete anything unless it’s absolutely necessary (as in you are running out of hard disk space and desperately need that extra 5 MB). Nothing is irrelevant in life. I’ll give you a real life example, I just took a vacation with my family and my dad asked me to create a slideshow of all the pictures we took. In order to do that, I got 10 songs from my iTunes library and combined them all using a friend’s Mac. I had to combine the songs so that there’s no pause between the songs. I combined them using GarageBand and even though the file size was huge, it was worth it. And then I took all the photos and again used a friend’s mac and his iPhoto software to make a slideshow. Then I added that “huge sound file” into the slideshow and burnt a DVD.

The final result was just fabulous. The images rolled smoothly without any pause in the music! Everyone was really pleased with the slideshow and I was just really glad that I didn’t delete any of my photos or sounds because if I had, then it would have been a real pain to get them all together and make such a wonderful slideshow!

You never know when you might need that data again so the lesson is: NEVER DELETE ANYTHING! If you need the space, either burn the data or copy it to an external hard drive!


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