ITGS Syllabus

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Topic 81

Use of appropriate fonts, white space and line spacing to create output that communicates effectively by Sung-Hwan Chun

To communicate efficiently between the readers and the writer using the Microsoft word, the writer has to use an appropriate fonts, white space and line spacing. If the writer doesn’t use these elements appropriately, then the readers would have trouble reading it, or will be very uncomfortable reading it. On the other hand, if the elements are used properly, it would bring out the benefits of being able to read the words easily, and it would look nice and neat.

The fonts are the types or style of words that the writer will use. The use of appropriate font is important, since the writer would want to use a font that would be recognizable and clear for the readers. For example, the use of fonts like ‘Bookman Old Style’, ‘Times New Roman’ is very recognizable to the readers. But, if the writers were to use the fonts like ‘Connie’, then the readers won’t be able to know what the writer has written and what they are trying to show.

Therefore, to use appropriate fonts, the writer needs to think well which fonts match well with the thing the writer is writing. First, the writer needs to know where the different fonts are going to be used. If the writer is going to write a title, the appropriate fonts would be something like ‘Bruce’, so that it grabs the attention of the readers. But, if the writer is going to write a main points, or the place in essay where there needs a lot of words, he should use fonts that is easy to read and not complicated so the readers would be not confused by reading the words. Consequently, the type of fonts differs according to the function or needs of the place the font is going to be used in.

In Microsoft word, appropriate use of white spacing and line spacing serves similar advantages in communication between the writer and reader. The white spacing refers to the white ‘blanks’ or ‘spaces’ in the Microsoft word. The white blanks surrounding the essay the writer have written are included in the white spacing as well as the white spaces created between the paragraphs when the writer pressed ‘Enter’ key. Also the line spacing refers to the space between each lines, which could be adjusted by going into ‘Format’ in menu bar, then to the ‘Paragraph’ and then changing the line spacing.

If these spacing are used well, then the readers would be able to see the words more clearly and more conveniently. But the important thing is that the spacing needs to be appropriate. If the spacing is too short, then it is hard to recognize and inconvenient to read the words. But, if the spacing is too much, then it would be waste of the papers and also it is inconvenient in other way that the writings are too separated from each other.

Therefore, if the writer chooses the spacing and the font carefully and appropriate to the thing he is writing, then it would not only benefit the writer, but also the readers. The writing would be much easier to read, which would help the reader understand what the writer is trying to communicate.


Blogger akirajackson said...

I think fonts, spacing and the format of a text is very important because the slightest thing can change the impression of the text. The text can be very effective if you choose the right format to show people what you want to show them.

January 07, 2007 6:13 PM  

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