ITGS Syllabus

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Topic 79

Appropriate use of templates by Sujit George

What are the issues associated with this subject?

One of the problems with templates is that company sponsors the site to easily and directly update their own site through the use of templates created by developers. It is easily done and there is no problem legally because the developers who make the template are being paid to make the templates. But trying to do things the easy way is one way of making enemies.

How did this technology emerge?

Web templates first emerged after the widespread development of web pages. It started with the Html and the web browser popularization. Then different types of templates were dominated the web template scenery. Static web templates were the main necessity in the first times of the web. Later came the Server-side web templates, which are used these days.

Who are the stakeholders?

The people affected by the use of the templates are those who develop the template and everything. And probably its not developed by one person but by many people at the same time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for those stakeholders?

Some of the advantages of making templates is that you have just found work with pay and they are probably having fun doing this because they are specialized in making templates and selling them. A disadvantage is that sometimes the person who is developing the template might not reach the quality that the sponsor wants and gets into a lot of trouble.

What solutions can overcome the problem?

One way of getting rid of this problem is understanding what the sponsor wants before you accept the job and even try making few templates beforehand and develop the way the sponsor wants it. This way you are prepared and you are also confident that you will do a good job at this.

What areas of impact does it affect?

This doesn’t impact anybody but the developers who specialize in making the template since they have to know what they are up against before they accept the offer of the sponsor.

What are the ethical issues?

The ethical issue in this is that if the developer doesn’t do a good job in making the web template then he gets fired from the job. This can be a problem for the developer since it affects his future by sponsor not calling him to make templates for them. And you know what will result.

Who is responsible?

The people held responsible for this are of course other developers. If one developer is better than the others then the sponsorer will hire the better one. So being the best developer also is important.

Who is accountable?

The people who are to be held accountable for this problem is of course the sponsorer since they are the ones who are picking you for the job. They want the better developer so that people will come to them.

Are there alternative decisions?

I don’t see any alternative decisions that can be made to help solve this problem unless they all have the same developing skill, in which case no one is better than the other and so the sponsor wont have to do all this firing. People can retain their work.

What are the consequences of these decisions?

Actually there are no consequences to this decision because every developer is equal so no one is going to lose their job because they haven’t reached the sponsors expectation since no one can do better than what the developer did himself.


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