ITGS Syllabus

Monday, April 24, 2006

Topic 68

Select, print and display area of a worksheet by Harsh Sharma

A worksheet is basically an Excel document and most of the times a person doesn't need to print everything on the worksheet. Therefore, certain steps need to be taken in order to print exactly what you want.

Let’s say you have entered your data in cells A1 to A25. However, you only need to select and print the data in cells A1 to A10. First of all, you need to select the cells A1 to A10. This can be done in several ways: either select the cells one by one (by pressing Ctrl (windows users) or Apple (mac users)) and clicking on the cells. Or you can simply use your mouse and simply select the cells A1 to A10, which obviously is the faster way.

After the cells have been selected, simply go to File and Print Area and then select “Set Print Area.” This will make a dotted line around the cells you selected previously and just to check, go to File again and select “Print Preview.” Here you’ll only see the cells that you set for printing! How easy was that? You can do this with any number of cells you want.

Display area of a worksheet refers to what is being shown on the screen. This can be adjusted by using any of the many features excel has provided. All of these can be found under View. You can go to “Zoom” and enter any number you want! You can also make the whole worksheet full-screen by selecting “Full Screen” and you can also select different layouts for your worksheet. Microsoft is bad but not that bad! They do give us enough options to mess around with things.


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