ITGS Syllabus

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Topic 7

Greater dependence of organizations on IT by Takafumi Kurihara

My topic would be about the greater dependence of organizations on IT systems. First, what is IT. This is the contraction of information of technology. These are use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information. With these, we are able to gain information from many places within few minutes or few seconds.

The ability that we can get much information really quickly makes us depend on the IT system more. One reason is that we people tend to want information more quickly. Another is that when ever human are wondering, they would like to find them out quickly as possible. These two mentalities make people depend on the IT systems more than before. Then there would be questions like why people want to know things quickly or find out an answer. Well one answer would be that we want to satisfy or feel some happiness towards getting an answer to everything. Another would be that we would be able to decide which decision would have a higher possibility to success. And the last would be the efficiency towards ever single thing.

Another large thing is that it is really easily done. Many people, especially young people, like to depend on easy works. They would find out the way to use the IT system and use them to make their life easier. This makes people able to get information around the world real time and make their work smooth and easy.

Last thing would be that we would depend on the system too much that when ever the systems gall down, we are not able to gain any information. Another would be the efficiency would go down a lot and the whole other system that humans made, traffic, train, stock exchange, and other more would stop moving and there would be a big disaster.

This totally brings us that we would depend on the IT system now, but we would depend on it more. One is that it makes our work smooth and easy. Another is that we are able to learn a lot of stuffs through the IT systems.


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